¿Estás experimentando una paradoja? #infografia #infographic


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One response to “¿Estás experimentando una paradoja? #infografia #infographic”

  1. Moses says :

    Good oeborvatisn. Another way of making this work would be to the slowest way of burning calories (here: yoga) and treat as 100%, filling up the whole arc.So if a pepperoni pizza is 1,727 calories, then 713 minutes of yoga for women would be 100% and other times would be pictured relative to this. That’s basically treating minutes of women’s yoga as a constant measure of translation to and from calories.Also, another thing to make this chart better would be to use angles, not lengths, for presenting the exercise arcs. Running being closer to the center of the circle than walking, its arc looks longer than it in fact should be, as you point out.

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